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Surface Sealants

Hecht Neoprene Rubber Paint

Sikaflex Urethane Sealant

Polyurethane Gap Filler

Paint, Lacquer & Foam Sealant cannot be air shipped.
No Overnight, 2nd or 3rd Day Air

See also "Rock to Rubber" Adhesive Units for bonding rock to rubber liner

White Mountain Waterfall and Mortar Lacquer

We have used this lacquer based clear nontoxic sealer for over 10 years. We use it on finished waterfalls and border edge stone work to seal out the potential for concrete alkalai to affect the pH of the pond water.

We recommend 6-8 coats on waterfalls and 4-5 coats on border edge rock work. Quick drying abilities allow for two coats to be applied on one day. 1 gallon covers 75 - 200 sq. ft.

This product creates a long lasting clear glazed seal on rocks and mortar work and greatly aids in the maintenance process of your waterfall. Retards algae growth.

We sometimes substitute "Glaze-n Seal" for this product. Price is the same.


White Mountain Waterfall & Mortar Lacquer: one gallon

89.95 [Buy]


White Mountain Waterfall & Mortar Lacquer: five gallons   450.00 [Buy]

Lacquer cannot be air shipped
No Overnight, 2nd or 3rd Day Air

White Mountain "Wet Look Lacquer" product information-package insert

Use laquer thinner for clean-up
Apply product to cured concrete surface only
Acid wash, using straight vinegar, rinse thoroughly and dry concrete before sealing.

Hecht Neoprene Black Rubber Paint:

If you have paint purchased prior to 11/2010 please see link: Hecht Paint Prior to 11/2010


Herco (Hecht) Fish pond coating new formula instuctions - 4 Steps

Step1: Proper surface preparation is very important to a successful application. Pond surface must be fully cured (as in new concrete, gunite, shot crete) clean, (free of surface dwelling algae, in the case of renovations) dry and free from any oil or grease. Remove all debris by brushing, sanding, sweeping, and/or power washing. Acid washing may be required in some cases. We use straight Heinz vinegar.

Step 2 Apply one coat of Herco (do not thin) PSC Primer to entire surface of your pond using a combination of chip brushes and medium mat roller (as you would use for latex painting). Allow primer coat to dry a minimum of 3 to 4 hours.

Step 3 Apply 3 (important to apply 3 coats) consecutive coats of Herco coating. Drying time can vary depending on temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions. Allow a minimum of 3 to 4 hours between coats. Do not apply at temperatures below 50 degrees or if inclement weather is expected before coating is completely dry.

Step 4 Allow the final coat of Herco coating to cure at least 5 days. Rinse (purge) the entire pond surface thoughly with fresh water and drain completely before filling with water.

    Hecht 12 ounce tube White Caulk

    Hecht Neoprene Rubber Paint: 5 gallons

  660.00 [Buy]

    Hecht Neoprene Black Rubber Paint: per gallon

139.95 [Buy]
HH401     Hecht Neoprene Gray Rubber Paint: per gallon.
               Special Order, allow 2 - 3 extra days lead time
159.50 [Buy]

    Hecht Primer: per gallon

  83.50 [Buy]

    Hecht Thinner: per gallon

 95.50 [Buy]

    Hecht Neoprene Black Rubber Paint: per quart

57.50 [Buy]

    Hecht Primer: per quart

44.50 [Buy]

    Hecht Thinner: per quart

 44.50  [Buy]

Paint cannot be air shipped
No Overnight, 2nd or 3rd Day Air

Hecht Neoprene Paint - A User's Experience

Why do you use black paint on a pond? Can you use another color?


 Silicone sealant, 3 oz. , black

7.95 [Buy]

Sikaflex - Think of this product as "silicone on steroids"!
 Sikaflex: Urethane sealant; 10.5 oz.  11.50  
All other colors
 Sikaflex: Urethane sealant; 10.5 oz. 13.50  

S215 Gray [Buy]   S216 Capitol Tan [Buy]
S213 Colonial White [Buy] S217 Limestone [Buy]
S214 White [Buy] S219 Medium Bronze [Buy]
S218 Dark Bronze [Buy] S227 Stone [Buy]
S212 Black [Buy]      
Colors as shown above may vary depending on your computer screen

A fish-safe polyurethane foam used for filling gaps and spaces in pond border edge rock and waterfalls. Use in leiu of concrete mortar. One can yields 235 ft. of a 1/2" bead
Gap & space filler only. Not a sealant.

FS100 Foam Filler, 12 oz. pressurized can, black  13.00 [Buy]
FS101 Foam Filler, 31 oz. pressurized can, black  32.00  

Foam Filler cannot be air shipped
No Overnight, 2nd or 3rd Day Air


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